By Wander LĂșcio Gomes. (PU4WLG)




Back in the day, you would order an external VFO for your radio, maybe a Glenn, Siltronics or other brand.

Back then, you got exactly that, a VFO and nothing else. They worked ok, but dropped off signal at the outer limits, limited tuning range, needed a buffer amp on tube rigs...not to exciting, but it did the job.

Today when you order an external VFO-STB from you not only get a VFO with supurb stability, but an entire radio controller!

Just imagine, not only complete tuning range with no drop out, but spectrum scanning, channel scanning, channel mode, programmable scan lists and more!

The VFO-STB does it all and on virtually ANY radio!

Pll, Crystal or Tube type Ham or CB!

The DDS-STB is manufactued by hand, right here in the good old U.S.A!

Order now to get it fast!


STB Manual

Please email Dan,

for price and avalibility on the new STB units or call 254-239-3893 option 5 and speak to him directly.

Self Install

Any orders placed in December will be shipped after the new year.

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