By Wander LĂșcio Gomes. (PU4WLG)


This page contains older legacy firmware.

Download and play with it and if you decide you like it,

you can you can purchase the latest and greatest.

The free version 6.27 is available to be tested, meeting expectations, a key for the full version is sold for $27.00. The release key can only be used in the Arduino you have. Here is how that works...

When you or we put the software on an Arduino, we ask you for the codes that the software generates, they have to match and this is why the key will never work in another Arduino. Then we send you an email with the key. The key is entered from the dial and once you have completed the entry, you will have a full version.

***Remember, this key will only work for that Arduino board, you will need another board and another key to make another one work.

How to load the firmware

First downlod the Free Xloader software and Windows drivers. Click Here: Xloader

Second, download the drivers, click here: Drivers

Setup Xloader as in its help section. Now you can load the .hex file to the Arduino!

Clean_Data not used after 6.xx Click Here: Clean_Data

Ver. 6.27 (Full featured)

6.27 .96"

6.27 1.2"

Test Firmware

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